Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is my granddaughter's choir at her school, and she's the second one in the back roll from the right.  Aren't they adorable!  She's wearing a blue top.  Then there's my grandson being his silly self, but I think Dad has a hand in that!  What fun to watch them grow.  My sweet grandbabies!  It's fun to be a NaNee!!!
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alissa4illustration said...

We went a few weeks ago to see our son sing in a preschool talent show. It was so cute!


bigguysmama said...

We'll have a 2nd grade concert at the end of the year. I have to admit, I don't miss the concerts it seemed we were constantly attending for choir and/or band. Seemed endless sometimes along with all the other activities. I know, bad mom!!


PippaD said...

How great to be able to share this with your family.

Laurie Harrison said...

My Granddaughter just turned 4. It won't be long and she will be in school. Isn't it the greatest fun being a G'ma? I love it. Just wish we didn't live 3 hours away (and I had a car) Love the silly pic. hee hee

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

I love children's choirs. I wasn't aloud within at ten foot pole of mine when I was young that was how terrible I sang!

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Twincerely,Olga said...

precious pictures!! just wanted to say hi!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I miss going to the kids school concerts and other functions; and we are too far away from the grandkids to go to theirs. We do attend a lot of the things here in town because of our friends children.
Love the pictures! I bet your granddaughter did fabulous!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! I bet they love having their awesome Nana in the audience! :)

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Aw, what fun! I bet you're all OVER those school plays and shows and events :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love these pictures and how fun is that!

Tricia said...

I'm so excited that you came out for that and I know she was too. Thanks mom for making the trip. Love you

~ Noelle said...

i love kid concerts!
they are always so fun@

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