Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My FREE uni-ball uni-super INK PEN!

FREE!  Keyword here!  I love FREE!  I don't remember how I came across this offer, but I did and I got one! WOO HOO!  Yes, it's true.  I got one! Would you like one? Well, all you have to do is go to uni-ball and request one, but hurry before they are all gone!  Experience uni Super Ink for yourself!

Specially formulated uni super ink pen.  Isn't that special!  What the is that you say?  Well, I'm here to tell  you.  It writes so smoothly it kind of glides across the paper.  The shape of the pen is not too little, and not too big to fit right in your fingers.  It states that  it helps to prevent check and document fraud. It is also fade- and water-resistant ink as well as acid-free and archival quality. Okay, now you've got my attention.  In this day and age that's all everyone is thinking about is to protect what is yours!  All you thieves out there stop hording in on my action, and BEWARE!  We're on the UNI-BALL now!

Large pigment particles in the ink form an unbreakable bond with paper fibers.  Vivid color every time you write.  Archival quality and won't fade over time.  Okay, now you're talking my language.  Now if they can only think of a formula that I can use where my face won't fade away and turn into wrinkles they'll have a customer for life!  uni-ball the relief pen that uses super ink to protect my property. 
It's like having a super lock on all my important papers!  
Get on the UNI-BALL and protect what is yours!


Polly said...

Thank you, thank you!! I love free stuff and have already sent for the pen. Thanks for following my blog. I love reading what you have written!!!

Kira said...

Thanks for posting about this! I'll head over now and get my free pen! whoohoo!

~ Kira

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you are like a newspaper! how fun is this? i'm gonna check it out. you should check out VISTA PRINT for lots of free stuff. hubby may like it for promoting the band.

hugs ♥

Patrice said...

Cool! Thanks!! I went straight there and ordered it. Hopefully in the next 3-6wks!

TheEclecticElement said...

I got mine in the mail the other day-I have yet to use it but it's definitely nice!!
And free :D

Everyone loves free!

Mash1195 said...

Thanks for letting us know....will be waiting for mine !!!!! And I am going to hide it (lol) so my family doesn't snatch it up.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Thanks for the link! I love interesting pens (drives my hubby nuts) so I'll be waiting for mine in the mail!
So sweet of you for sharing.

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